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Subject: Boyfriend Likes To Flirt

Hey Steve and Shirley,

I’m involved in a relationship with a guy I have been with for 2 years. We live together and we are working towards the same goals in life. I am a 29-year-old graduate student and he’s 29 as well with two kids. The issue I have is that he likes to flirt with females, I have seen messages between him and other women saying lets hang out and stuff like that. When I confront him, he tell me he’s not doing anything, it’s all just talk. I have repeatedly told him that this bothers m, and yet he still does it. I am a good woman and I do a lot for him and his children, I don’t have any children and I have accepted his children as my own. I really love this man but he seems to crave attention from females, I would give him the shirt off my back, when asks to see his phone he says No. I gladly share my phone with him because I have nothing to hide. I need to know is it time to end this relationship? I’m conflicted?

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