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Being a professional athlete is not a guarantee to set for life. Career-ending injuries happen all of the time. So most players have a side hustle. For player Major Wright, their side hustle is causing them more trouble than anyone on the gridiron. Wright, along with his partner Terrence Williams, is being sued after receiving a loan to purchase African diamonds last year and neglecting to pay the loan back.

As the story goes, Wright and Williams own and operate a diamond trading company called TDW Diamonds. The pair allegedly was loaned $75,000 to buy raw diamonds from Africa. The diamonds were reported to be between 21-31.5 carats. The loan and purchase of the diamonds took place last year. The people who lent the pair the money are now claiming they haven’t received any money towards the payment of the loan. Also, the amount of interest on the $75,000 loan has reached astronomical proportions.

Jimmy Michel and Marc Geffrard say they lent Williams and Wright the money with the agreement they would pay back the full $75,000 plus 100% interest ( a total of $150,000) by March of 2012. March 2012 came and went without Michel and Geffrard seeing any money from them. Jimmy Michel and Marc Geffrard are suing for the $150,000 plus more interest.

Terrence Williams and Major Wright have both remained silent about the matter.



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