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Subject: Should I believe it or not

Good Morning Steve Harvey Morning Show Fam,

I want to say that I love your show and everyone on it. Here’s my dilemma I’ve been with my husband for 13 years, married for 9 years. We are supposed to renew our vows next year (not sure if that will happen). We got married 9 years ago and a month after our wedding we got pregnant. We were young and he really didn’t know how to be a husband because he never had that stability as a child. But still no excuse, the first couple of months I cried and cried and cried, called my parents to come sit with me whilst my husband was funning out with his friends until late hours of the night while I was pregnant with his child and living in a terrible neighborhood. Well one day during my 8 month of pregnancy I received a phone call from this girl stating that she was sorry to inform me of this but her and my husband had slept together and now she is pregnant. You could imagine what went through my mind at this time. Needless to say we worked through this, a couple of years went by and two kids later he still wasn’t providing me with that comfortably, and compassion that he used to when we were just dating. I sought out the attention of another man, I never had sex with this guy, however we did kiss. I know that I was wrong and I own up to my mistakes. We got pass this ordeal as well. It took some time from both instances however there have still been a lot of trust issues on both parties. My husband and I love having threesome and he knows that I am attracted to girls, so we had a threesome one night and since the women has been trying to just be with me and I have expressed to her multiple times that I only partake with the company of my husband. Now four kids later, this same girl recently informed me that her and my husband have had sex multiple times without me. Did I mention that they used to work together? Well she said that he had never mentioned me and she didn’t know anything about me until we met that night. I know this is a lot and I don’t won’t to write a whole lot, so this is just the basic ins and outs. So my question to you is should I continue to subject myself to this? I am not sure what I believe he said he never did it both times, but its been twice and I feel like such a fool. I feel right now that I can just take my four kids and be on my merry little way. Am I reading too much into this? Should I believe him? Do you think that we should go to counseling first to work this out or is two times enough?


So Confused and Over It

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