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Kim Kardashian always has the best Halloween costumes (besides Heidi Klum, of course). Last year she dressed up as cat woman and who knows who the hot MILF will embody this year. What we do know, is that she kills it (pun intended) every hallow’s eve.

In our greatest effort to be just as fabulous, we’ve put together a few ways you too can be a bell of the Halloween ball!

Poison Ivy

How hot is Kim Kardashian as Poison Ivy? Geez, no one should be this damn gorg! Last year, Kimmy cakes glued down a red lace front and went trick or treating in a green getup that we’re sure brought Kanye to his knees.

We don’t bank millions like Kim, but we know a few ways to recreate this tempting look without flooding to Party City for a cheap imitation.

Here’s a few things you’ll need:

Green Corset: ( $29.99

Victoria Lynn Decorative Leaves – Green: ( $3.49

100 % Stretch Nylon Cheerleading Boy-Cut Brief Trunks: ( $5.99

Vixen wig: ( $14.99

Secure the decorative leaves on the corset with fabric glue or straight pins (in case you want to wear the pieces again). Decorate your eyebrows with the leaves for the ultimate Ivy look!

Check out more of Kim K’s greatest costumes:

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