Word to K. Michelle, I had visions of molly whopping that chick over the head with a bouquet of flowers.


I knew nothing good would come from me channeling my inner Tami Roman and hauling off on the owner of the boutique, so I decided to count to ten then tell this woman what was about to happen. After the boutique owner finally told me the truth and informed me that my dress was missing (and not ready for pick up), I stated to her in a very calm, yet firm manner that I do not appreciate being lied to. I made certain every patron in the boutique heard me, because I felt like throwing shade like that. These delusional future brides needed to hear and understand that the owner of the boutique lied to me.

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She immediately attempted to diffuse the situation by ushering me into a dressing room to try on the new dress. She even upped the ante by bringing in a seamstress from downstairs (who just happened to remind me of my aunt) to start pinning the dress for a major overhaul. As I could not bring myself to be nasty to a woman who looks like my eldest aunt, I went along with this new plan. They explained how they would completely redo the bust of the dress, take in the hem of the gown and also bring it in a little since it was a size too big.

They gave me a receipt for the alterations and informed me that the dress will be ready in two weeks. No ma’am! I informed them, poised and in a very matter-of-fact way, that I will be returning the next weekend to pick up the gown and that was non-negotiable. They acquiesced and I went about my way.

But what they did not know was that I had a supreme plan, and that plan included my Svengali line sister, who I knew would slay this boutique and its entire staff to mercy shouts and tribal cries after “losing my dress.” Once I informed my family and friends about what just took place and how I was bringing my line sister up to the boutique “to make things right,” they all responded in the same fashion; “Sweet Jesus, these people do not know what they are in for.”

Now let me tell you something about my Svengali line sister. She works as a fashion buyer for a major retailer, she plays zero games and has zero tact. She will drop so many F-bombs on you within a nano-second, rendering a massive inability to cope with life once she has finished. So, I basically had a wedding gown goon and I knew exactly how to use her.

Again, armed with Starbucks and attitudes, my line sister and I rolled into that boutique the very next weekend like some straight up bandits and I did not have to utter one word the entire time!

I have never in my life witnessed anything like this! My line sister commanded additional alterations, a free veil, belt and sewn-in additions to the gown all at no cost. “Yes, for the stress and strife you have caused this poor girl, a mere four weeks before her wedding, we will need all of this to be at no charge. I also need to speak with the owner of the boutique to give her a piece of my mind. She better be glad I am in a good mood today, because this could have been much worse on all of you.”

Come to find out, my previous dress was not lost at all! One of the attendants in the boutique informed me that the boutique owner is a compulsive liar. Either due to her embarrassment of selling a gown with a mark on it or having sold my previous dress to someone else for a higher price, the owner chose to lie to me. The lie was the worst part! She told me the gown was ready for pick up, when in fact it was either thrown out or sold to someone else.

Looking back on the entire situation, I can laugh at it now. I always said from the beginning that my wedding gown was not a big deal to me; however, once my sister purchased the first one, it became of sentimental value. Despite the constant setbacks, lies, cleanings, attitude adjustments, etc., I walked away in the end with an entirely new gown (which, I can’t front, looked better than the first one) and a free veil and belt.

The mishaps of the boutique shifted my entire look for my wedding and it actually all worked out in the end.

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