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Registration to enroll in mandatory health care insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) begins next week? Do you have your new Affordable Care Health insurance cards yet? GOOD! You don’t need Affordable Care Health Insurance Cards! They don’t exist! In fact, there’s a warning out by the Better Business Bureau. Don’t fall for any questions about those Insurance Cards, EVER! The BBB says con artists are taking advantage of the confusion over this whole process. They’re calling people telling them that they are among the first group to get Insurance Cards under Obamacare. These crooks will say they are federal government workers and they can help people get the insurance cards if the person gives up personal information like social security numbers, bank account and credit card information.

Whoa! Hang up! Never give your personal information to someone who has contacted you unsolicited, whether by phone, email social media or even in person. Also keep in mind, most government agencies communicate through the mail, so be suspicious of calls or emails.

Don’t trust Caller ID. Most of these crooks use technology that will show a number and name hat looks legitimate. Never give out your personal information such as credit card, bank account numbers, date of birth and social security numbers to unfamiliar callers.

Another thing, don’t panic! Registration for health coverage BEGINS, October 1st, but you’ll have six months to sign up before you’re fined $95. The best way to get out information about the Affordable Care Act and to compare costs for various plans is to visit the Insurance Marketplace website at