Strawberry Letter 23: Money Can’t Buy Love

Never thought I would be writing Steve Harvey for advice but, I am tired of banging my head against the wall. I am 39 years old and I have been in this relationship for 2yrs now. The man that I am dealing with always gives me what I really need mainly cash, credit cards and good loving. Now my friend thinks because I don’t do enough, he’s slowed down and waiting for me to repay back some of the money, which is 5k. I really do care for him, but I have been refusing to pay back. Now he wants to end the relationship. My beliefs are if a man loves you, he should spend on you and should not expect anything back, if you have to ask (PERIOD)! I have been thinking should I compromise to save the relationship. We could be great together. Shirley and Steve I respect your advice. Give it to me hard, honest and straight from your hearts. Sincerely, Love w/no Cash refund.

Listen to Shirley and Steve’s response to this letter: