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The man who told you to “hide your kids” and “hide your wife” claims that he is now having a child of his own–with a woman!

Antoine Dodson took to Twitter to tell his 30,000-plus followers that he is having a baby with his “Queen.”

He told his Facebook followers. Who that queen is not known. In fact, it is not clear that Dodson is serious. Even if he was, the next question is whether or not he and his “queen” are adopting the child. He posted the tweet last night and has been silent since then.

The announcement comes just some four months after he renounced his homosexuality on Facebook, adding that he became a Hebrew Israelite.

But sometime after the posting, he admitted to TMZ that he still has a thing for men.

“To be truthful, I’m not going to lie to you. I still like –. When I see a presentable male walk past, I be like, ‘Oh, my God!’ But then I think like, ‘Come on, getting it together. Let’s get it together, you can move away from that.’ It’s not going to happen in one day…it’s a process.”

Only time will tell when we will find out who Dodson’s baby mama is.

But, until then, check out the video that made him famous!

Antoine Dodson
Antoine Dodson

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