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Strawberry Letter: Habitual Liar

Dear Steve and Shirley,

Quick and to the point. I started dating and married my husband within a year. We were to be celebrating one year of marriage in the next few months. However, we have had a very rocky first year and have both admitted we moved too fast. I’ve caught him in several lies from really stupid to the extreme. But the grandmaster of lies came the other day…he told me he had a sexual encounter with a close family friend of his. After going on with the story for 2 days and me finally saying I was done and wanted a divorce (not because of the cheating – people make mistakes) but because of the person and all of the lies. This man texts me the next morning and says please don’t get divorced because you will be doing it from a lie, I didn’t have an encounter I made it up. Who in the hell does that? Who makes up such a lie as this? Who torments a person they claim they love so much.? He said he did it because he felt I already thought he had done something and that we he thought we would argue about it for a couple of days then everything would be fine. HELLOOO…he does not know my level of crazy. I could have set up her and him to be hurt. Why would you play with people’s emotions like that and people’s lives as well?? I told him if nothing happened and I was the family friend I would be whooping his butt because he just left her out for anything to happen. So, I packed up my stuff and bounced. Of course now he is begging me to come home and he will get help, he is so sorry. Unfortunately I don’t have any trust at all. In all my life I have never heard of such foolishness! This is the 2nd marriage for both of us. Who does this? Am I wrong for moving on? Life is too short and I can get over cheating but a liar and an habitual liar…they SCARE ME!

Please help.

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