Subject: Cheating Heartless Woman

Dear Steve and Shirley,

I’ve been married to a woman who I have loved dearly for about three years now. In the beginning of our relationship, she confessed to cheating on me while I was deployed to Iraq and the downhill began. I was angry and hurt that she could do that to me. So I began lying about silly little things, including “sexting” with another woman. For the year that I was back, we had numerous issues as many do. I was re-deployed back to Iraq and lost a very close friend that died while I was deployed. During this time, my wife was unsupportive and fought with me every moment she could about nonsense. I then lost another friend to a suicide and all she could do was give me the cold shoulder, because all I did was “mope around” according to her. Over a year ago, I fell into temptation and cheated. The other woman gave me the support and attention I needed at the time and the affair came to light. We decided to work through the issues and make our marriage work. The more recent issues have been her cheating once again. She told me things were perfect and I found emails of her and another man. I had a hard time getting through this. Well, after a rough few weeks, we decided to work through our issues once again and later on that night I find out that she had been cheating with another man. This woman has hurt me more than any other and I don’t know what to do. She is a great mother to my daughter, even though she is not her biological mother. She is the only mother my daughter knows. I love her and don’t want to live without her but I can’t seem to get over all of this. Am I dumb for dealing with this? I do admit my mess ups but I’ve made attempts to fix myself as a man and help make our relationship better. I feel she should’ve spoken to me about what was going on instead of cheating again. What do I do?

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