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Strawberry Letter: Did I Ruin Our Relationship?

Dear Shirley,

My boyfriend and I have been dating on and off for five years. In 2011, he was Internet cheating, always writing girls and telling them what he could do for them and how he wanted to take them out. He says he never actually went through with going to see them but I didn’t believe him so I broke up with him. After we broke up I started dating this other guy. Needless to say that didn’t last long and I was back with my boyfriend. One day we were talking and he got mad and told me my “female part” had been stretched out. I let him know out of anger that it was because the other guy is bigger and better. Ever since then we’ve been having issues in our relationship. He thinks he’s not good enough for me now and is ALWAYS putting himself down. I am now pregnant and he asks me if I wish it was the other guy’s baby? I just want him to stop! I am in love with him and the other guy was just a rebound. Even after two years, he’s still talking about it! Did I ruin our relationship?!

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