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The internets have been set ablaze over new pictures of Beyonce with longer hair than she had a week ago. We sort of think people need to understand that Queen Bey has been doing this all along so this is not new for her. The people who are freaking out about the longer hair are probably also the same ones who thought Beyonce was going to be traumatized over having to cut her hair after the fan incident in the video below!

Here’s a hint for all those showing concern about Bey’s fan incident and the subsequent hair cut from last week…it’s not her real hair so it’s really not a big deal! We don’t think we’ve ever actually seen her real hair since she came out with Destiny’s Child back in the 90′s!

So stop worrying and don’t let it keep you up at night! The woman has enough money to pay for an entire nation to grow hair for her if she so desires! And we are not completely convinced that it wasn’t a weave pixy cut that she was sporting last week either! So relax and enjoy her music. At the end of the day the hair doesn’t make her projects her performance does. Enough said!


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