Subject: I Couldn’t Believe My Eyes

Hello Steve and Shirley,

I am a middle-aged female. I walked into one of my job sites one morning and while walking down the hallway, I glanced into each of the rooms as I was walking toward my office. The job site was pretty empty as most folks are off for the summer. As I reached halfway down the hallway, I looked into one of the rooms and saw something and wasn’t exactly sure what I had just seen. I went back to see what I had just passed by and was shocked out of my mind. One of my male co-workers was in the room with a female (not his girlfriend that he lives with) “having sex”! They stopped what they were doing and fixed their clothing, kind of nonchalantly, I might add, and walked out. I am totally disgusted. Oh yeah, by the way, the door where they were doing it was wide open and they were in front of an open window. (S/N, the young lady using this term loosely, didn’t even flinch, she didn’t run and try to hide or cover up, or anything). The male perpetrator never said a word to me after the occurrence. What should I do? (I haven’t seen him since the incident, but I will eventually have to see and work with him soon.)

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