Joseline Pops The Question

Joseline Hernandez confronted her demons returning to her native land Puerto Rico, on last night’s episode. Not since the age of seven, had she visited the place where she says she walked on broken glass to get to school. But, she braved her past and took to the streets of PR to shoot the video for her song “Mi Colta.” But, Jos had a more important task on her itinerary–and that was to go back to Atlanta engaged!

Joseline, who admitted that she fell deeper in love with Stevie on their trip, presented Stevie with the ring she purchased and said “Maybe you’re ready to marry me now.” Stevie was shocked (as we all were) but ultimately accepted the gesture as a move in the right direction. However, that doesn’t stop him from committing the ultimate travesty in the forthcoming episode/season finale!

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