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Imagine going to the doctor with severe back pain and the only diagnosis he offers you is…wait for it…”ghetto booty.” This is exactly what happened to 55-year-old Tennessee woman, Terry Ragland. Terry’s back pain is actually lumbar lordosis, a curve of the spine that causes the butt to protrude, which also causes extreme discomfort.

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Well, Dr. Timoty Sweo may actually be right, but who knew that a big old ghetto booty a la Nicki Minaj could cause such pain? In an apology letter, Dr. Sweo explained to Ragland that he was trying to take something medical and make it a bit more casual. Dr. Sweo still believes he hasn’t done anything wrong in diagnosing his patient with “ghetto booty,” in fact, Raglans says, “It says to me that he doubts what type of intellect I have, how intelligent I am to be able to understand what he conveys to me in a medical term.”

Ragland has filed a formal complain against Sweo with the Tennessee Department of Health, saying, “It’s wrong in every aspect and it’s very demeaning.

Do you think the doctor was wrong for this?

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