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Strawberry Letter: He Says I’m His Cousin

Hello Shirley and Steve,

I have this situation with this guy i was dating for a while now…I met him at a valentines party 6 years ago. that same day my brother met and married his now to be wife. I shared that with him and he didn’t respond to it…needless to say i felt myself in a dating booty call. We have went out, did the family thing with me his son and my daughter, i have met his mother/and sister…I thought we were developing a relationship..I thought wrong cause two years ago he invited me and my daughter to his house for his son’s birthday party, and to my surprise this woman was there trying to find out who i was, and vice a versa. I have never seen her before so i was curious. When he came over to introduce us, he told her i was his cousin. Let me say this although we share the same last name we are not related. I was so hurt i went into my car and sobbed. I later on confronted him about it and he didn’t think it was a problem. This year he took me out for my birthday and wanted to have sex. well you know i told him i don’t have sex with my cousin.. Shirley/Steve this guy is still in my life, and the girl doesn’t know but i do…Should I let him go and cut all ties or let the cat out of the bag? please advise


Dysfunctional  Situation

Listen to Steve and Shirley respond to this letter below:


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