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Strawberry Letter: Greek Love

Dear Steve and Shirley,

I am in a Sorority established in 1908 and I actively participate. I have 3 children from my previous marriage and I am 32.  I work full-time , single mother, go to school for extended learning to stay up to date and serve my community as needed. I am involved with a man who loves purple and gold and he also has a demanding life and have 2 children from his previous marriage. We both make good money and are about 10 years apart in age. I am concerned that our age gaps (because I am 32 and look 23) will cause discomfort in our extended social life’s outside of Greek. We are both divorced and been single for 3 years. We love each other tremendously but are very discreet. I expressed to him that I will only give him my time if it is serious. I will not invest my time in a casual relationship. He is too old to play games. I will only give him two-three years of my time for an engagement. I will not waste five years of my life dating. Is this too much? we broke up at the beginning of our relationship for two weeks for miscommunication. reconciliation resumed and we continued. He still supports his ex-wife and children which is no problem. The problem lies in our intimate conversation him being scared to communicate with his ex-wife on our solid relationship and he still has her on his health insurance. I strongly feel that I can communicate effectively with his ex-wife, but I will not put myself in a position to seek acceptance from her. She had verbally abused him and I told him I will give him time to take care of that situation AND we can date until he make up his mind. He insisted on staying together and him making it work.

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