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Every rapper takes pride in his ability to paint pictures with words. So it’s fitting that one of the world’s most famous MC’s has decided to take that ability to heart. Darryl “DMC” McDaniels, one third of the legendary group Run DMC has decided that after years of being a fan of comic books that now is the time to start his very own publishing company, the aptly named Darryl Makes Comics.

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“I’m just the bait,” DMC says to the watching crowd during his press conference at Midtown Comics. “This ain’t about a rapper starting a comic book, this is about a life-long fan!”

To underline his sincerity DMC points out that in the 1985 classic “King of Rock” he proudly rhymed way back then that “I’m DMC, I can draw.”

Taking his role as publisher seriously, McDaniels has teamed up with a who’s who in the world of comic books and entertainment to guarantee a top-notch product.

Acclaimed art director Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez has been made Editor-in-Chief, pencils and character design are handled by Damion Scott (“Batman,” “Batgirl,” “Spiderman”) while being inked by Dexter Vines (“Superman,” “Batman” “Wolverine”) and written by Ronald Wimberly (“Prince Of Cat”s) Former Music Editor of the Source Magazine and current VP of A&R for Atlantic records Riggs Morales will serve as Senior Editor.

Based in the era of the 80’s, complete with all the graffiti, music and style, the first 48 page graphic novel will feature DMC as a hero who fights injustice in a alternate reality of a pre-Giuliani New York City. As any grown adult would be, DMC is as happy kid in a candy store. “I can’t wait to see the super villain that’s going to be kicking my ass!”

Now we get to see art imitate life. Get ready for the ride.

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