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“I answer all y’all questions then you have to go…” -Jay-Z, “A Million and One Questions”

Jay-Z has 2.7 million followers on the Twitter social network but only follows as many people as there are unicorns in Rick Ross’s trunk. He has tweeted a total of 210 times and the majority of them were all done today.

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Since announcing the release of his “Magna Carta Holy Grail” album  just weeks ago, Mr. Carter has proven (again) that he knows a thing or two about timing. Having made a career out of not writing (rhymes or tweets) he decided to follow his own mantra and employ some #newrules by actually tweeting to his fans and followers the day before “MCHG” was available to non-Samsung owners.

So for about eight hours Blue Ivy’s dad answered all manner of questions; from his favorite movie to whether twerking should become the national mating dance at weddings. Then at 7:09 he was gone like hopes of a Jay Electronica album.(#factsonly)

Here are some of our favorite @S_C_ tweets complete with visual aids:

Mr. Carter ‏@S_C_

RT @JStormKravetz @S_C_ what’s your favorite movie? [Cliche, but, really great. Godfather2. True Romance is high on my list]

Mr. Carter ‏@S_C_

RT @SomeAhnBai @S_C_ who is talking in the beginning of la familia? And what is being said? #MCHG [Timbo the King’s daughter REIGN]

Mr. Carter ‏@S_C_

RT @A_ZucK36 @brendohare@brendohare: @S_C_ When are you gonna put out a new album” [I’m so good I can put it out, say, TOMORROW #MCHG]

Mr. Carter ‏@S_C_

RT @pfrank10 Us fans here in Alaska would like to experience a Jay-Z concert…is it possible? #MCHG @S_C_ [turn up the heat, I’m there]

Mr. Carter ‏@S_C_

RT @_unknowncanvas What would you say to people who don’t like the #MCHG ? @S_C_ [“You people don’t like Xmas or ice cream either I bet”]

Mr. Carter ‏@S_C_

RT @smearedMASCARAA @S_C_ what’s your opinion on gentrified Brooklyn ? #MCHG [ buzzkill but, the world is changing, for better AND worse]

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