Women in the 90′s kept it simple. If they liked you, you knew it. Your pager would light up with a special code. She’d ring your house phone until you picked up. She put hearts, stars and other doodles all around your name in her address book. The only mystery would be the time you spent apart because there were no status updates to read or tweets to retweet.

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Before thirst traps, Facebook poking and internet dating, there was simple flirting. Some of my favorite sitcoms from the 90s taught me how to flirt. From Kimmy Gibbler’s undying love for Uncle Jesse to “Living Single‘s” Regine’s high-pitched laugh and cleavage-pushing ways, characters in 90s sitcoms had flirting down to a science.

Check out nine of the biggest flirts from the 90s–the good, the bad and the ugly. Enjoy this sweet nostalgia.

Kimmy Gibbler always had her sites set on Uncle Jesse–a man who was easily 15 years her senior. Her brand of flirtation was often uncomfortable. Kimmy’s flirtation teetered on desperate. She was the best teacher of how not to flirt.

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