It was Kanye West’s recent rants that started this entire conversation in the #Teambeautiful office. We laughed as Kanye tried to steer us away from name brands, including the ones he raps about and wears shamelessly. Then, MTV labeled him the 7th rapper on the list of “Hottest Rappers In The Game.” Why’d they do that?! It sent Kanye on a tirade. Serious concern set it after that and now I’m left wondering…what is happening to Kanye? All humor aside, I think the “Runaway” rapper needs a hug.

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Here’s the thing though, Yeezy’s not alone. There’s plenty of other celebrities who are equally as intense and could use a warm embrace. Never underestimate the power of a hug.

Check out the list of other celebrity men who could use a hug:

Cornel West

From naming President Obama a “war criminal” to a “Republican in blackface,” one thing you can say about former Princeton professor Cornel West is that he’s bold. As a self-proclaimed “Revolutionary,” West is admittedly engaging when he speaks. He makes you pay attention, but his biggest criticism is how he’s gone from exceptional philosopher to celebrity revolutionary; often name-dropping and placing value on which A-lister he knows personally. Too bad no one off his star-studded list of friends has given him what he needs–a hug.

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