Prior to the recession, there was always a stigma of being fired or laid off as opposed to resigning from a job. Most times, it’s reported that a person who offers up a resignation would be more marketable and hireable than someone who was terminated. However, as we are still dealing with an unstable employment environment, many people are opting towards being terminated as opposed to resigning.

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There are both pros and cons to resigning and being terminated.

Pros For Resigning include:

1) Time is on your side with making a decision and weighing pros and cons

2) Ability to negotiate severance pay

3) More favorable explanation for future employment

4) Possible letters of recommendation

5) No burned bridges

Cons Against Resigning:

1) Failure to receive unemployment benefits

2) Stigma of “quitting”

Pros For Waiting To Be Terminated Include:

1) Unemployment benefits

2) Non-waiver of Wrongful Termination Claims

Cons Against Being Terminated:

1) Stigma of being unemployable

I have had tons of friends face lay-offs and terminations due to financial strains on the economy and/or even something as cut and dry as them not being a “fit” for the company. Additionally, I have a couple of friends who, at the onset of trouble brewing within their company, opted to search for and secure alternate employment and offer up their resignation letters. Every instance is unique and should be weighed in on an individual ad subjective basis.

Sound Off: Is it better to resign and leave with a resignation on your resume or should you hold out and wait to be terminated?

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