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Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick gave a candid interview at a Cambridge marketing firm yesterday about the horrific days following the Boston Marathon bombing, which left three people dead and 170 injured.

Before bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was captured, the city endured hours of lockdown. At this time, the governor said he left town and got “quite drunk.”

“I went for a quick swim, and I went to a local restaurant … for supper by myself with a book. And I sat in the corner and Maggie, who runs the [restaurant], asked, ‘Do you want to be near people or away from people?’ I said, ‘As far away as I can,’”he said. “So she put in the corner, me and my book on my iPad, and … she starts bringing me things to drink as a celebration. And by the end of the meal, I was actually quite drunk, by myself.”

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Maggie Merelle, owner of the West Stockbridge restaurant, admitted that Patrick did drink a “glass of chardonnay or two.” And although he didn’t have money to pay the bill, she was honored to serve him.

“Like an old Jewish mother feeding him,” she said, “we just wanted to nourish him.”

As far as the tab, Patrick promised to “bring it down tomorrow or something,” and Maggie said he “definitely” squared his payment.

Patrick went on to detail his conversation with President Obama on the day of the lockdown, .

“In the afternoon … I went back to the offices in the State House … and I took a nap,” he said. “Then “the phone rang. It was the president. … And he said, ‘Deval, I’m briefed. … What are you going to do about the city? You can’t keep it locked down indefinitely.’

“I said, ‘Mr. President, I know that. … I’m trying to sort that out now.’ … Basically the state police had said we should end this … when we finish the door-to-door in Watertown. So if we haven’t found him, we should say to people, ‘Look, live your lives, but please be careful because he’s still at large.’”

In conclusion, the Mass. governor said it all worked out because authorities found the suspect. “If we didn’t find him, then people would be bitching and moaning about how we kept them indoors all day,” he said.


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