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Does Shemar Moore have a “Criminal Mind”? According to the lady who attempted to press charges on him for assault at his home in Encino, CA last night, Yes!

TMZ is reporting that, last night at around 3:45 AM, a woman at Shemar’s  house called the police claiming Shemar assaulted her. When they arrived, Shemar and the woman both said the other was  pushing and shoving. TMZ was told that  ”drinking was involved”.

A source that knows Shemar told TMZ,

“The woman was in Shemar’s backyard with a number of people when someone (not Shemar) pushed her in the pool. She got very upset and tried to come inside the house, soaking wet. She was asked to wait until someone could get her some towels.  Shemar came to the door with the towels, but she became even more irate and he asked her to leave. Apparently one of them started the pushing, and she called the cops.”

Allegedly, both Shemar and the woman each wanted to press charges, but since there was no evidence of any injury to either party, no one was taken to jail.

Cops are still investigating but there probably won’t be any charges brought forth.

It sort of sounds like the lady in question was embarrassed from being thrown in the pool in front of Shemar and whomever else was there. But ladies, that’s not how you handle that! If something embarrassing happens to you in front of someone that you are digging, you don’t spazz out about it! That only makes you look worse. No, instead, you find the humor in the situation and laugh at yourself, thus showing you have a sense of humor and don’t take yourself too seriously. Freaking out only scares guys off! True story.


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