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So, upon being insulted by a guy on Twitter, and basically being told that there was confirmation that he had sold his soul and was Godless in his song “Use Me”, Miguel fired back not just at the Tweeter, but at the entire black community!

Check it out!

As expected the Twitter Backlash came fast and furious!

Poor Miguel, he didn’t think before he tweeted. Had he simply kept it together for a few more days, then all of the spectacle over his Billboard Music Award ” Crotch Decapitation Scandal” would have faded away into oblivion. But now, not only will it stay on everyone’s minds, he has added something else for people to make fun of him for.

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The lesson here is, when in doubt, DON’T TWEET IT!

The only person we feel sorry for in this situation is his publicist! We know somebody must be trying to talk them down off the ledge somewhere right about now! The publicist was probably already inundated with drama from the award show, the last thing any publicist needs, is to know their client is being compared to Tyrese on Twitter.

Good Luck to both of them!

[Editor’s Note] Calls to Sammy Sosa were not returned.


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