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On the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion last week, while defending herself and her marriage to former NFL star Kordell Stewart, reality star Porsha Stewart broke down and broke our hearts.

She spoke with so much passion and conviction that you could hear the words getting stuck in her throat mid-sentence. Knowing that the couple didn’t make it, and that they were going through a divorce at the very moment that we were watching her defend her marriage in such a way, just made it even harder to watch. You could tell it was not made up for TV, and the audience realized that it didn’t matter if she felt that strongly for Kordell in the end, because it was over. Powerful stuff.

In case you missed it:

There was more to what she said, but you get the point. Porsha just gave”Hollywood Life” an interview about it, and she addresses reconciliation and how it feels to still be living in the house with Kordell. She also discusses the possibility of coming back to RHOA next season.


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