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Atlanta entertainment attorney James L. Walker, Jr. sued Sony BMG Music Entertainment for telling black artists not to use a black law firm and has found settlement with the music titan for an undisclosed amount. This settlement comes after the two have been in litigation for about 8 years.

According to Rap Rehab Walker filed a 13 count complaint alleging among other things that the Verity Gospel Division of Sony BMG attempted to defame his name by telling lies and attempting to rip clients from his small Connecticut based law firm.

The trial was scheduled to start next week but the parties have come to terms that Attorney Walker seems very happy with.

Says Walker;

“For every black attorney or black representative, whether manager, publicist or agent, who has been told that he or she is 2nd rate and cannot get the job done; we celebrate this lawsuit and the financial settlement Sony has agreed to pay as a result,” said Walker.”

Congratulations to both parties, we hope they will be able to move forward to make positive strides in music together and as equals.

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