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LL Cool J and country singer Brad Paisley appeared on Good Morning America today to defend their controversial song, “Accidental Racist.”

The track has been slammed by critics and fans for simplifying race relations and slavery with lines like this from LL: “If you don’t judge my gold chains / I’ll forget the iron chains.” The song appears on Paisley’s new album, “Wheelhouse.” Paisley, 40, and LL Cool J, 45, said the fact that the song has people talking is exactly what they wanted.

“Martin Luther King says that darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can,” LL Cool J said. “Hate can’t drive out hate, only love can. So what we’re talking about is compassion.”

The rapper/actor added: “I’m not advising anyone to truly forget slavery, but what I’m saying is forget the slavery mentality. Forget the bitterness. Don’t get bitter, get better.”

“I’m not really sure we’re going to find any answers but it was the idea that we were asking the question,” Paisley said.

Listen to “Accidental Racist” if you missed it, plus watch the interview:



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