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Strawberry Letter: Should I Warn The Poor Guy

Dear Steve and Shirley,

How can I save a nice guy from the man-eater. My friend is 38 years old, five marriages, four children between 15 and 21. She had a tubal ligation after her last child. I was with her at the hospital. The problem is that since last four relationships when the guy gets bored with her she always claims to be pregnant, to make them stay with her. The last guy had to take her to court for stalking and several other things against his mom and family. When the 8-9 month comes, she starts with heart problems etc leading to a miscarriage. One time she left town and claimed she fell and was in the hospital. How can I warn this nice guy? She is moving in on him quick. She made plans to move to his hometown in June. She met him online at Thanksgiving, now he is her fiance and she claims to be four weeks pregnant. She and I just brought monthly supplies. I spoke to her mom after the court drama and mom is very much aware of her tactics to keep a man.

HELP ME – MY HEART HURTS FOR THIS POOR FOOL. A YOUNG ONE AT THAT. Yes, I have a good honest man and I stay true.


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