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Last night after Chris Brown cursed out the valet at PINZ Bowling Alley in L.A. for charging him an extra $10 fee, he danced over to the Emerson Theatre in Hollywood where he allegedly told a packed crowd “F**k Drake.” After insulting Drake, whose song was cued up to play, sources claim he gave the crowd the middle finger before proceeding to perform a mini concert!

Breezy must have been drunk. According to EOnline’s reports, he order $10,000 worth of vodka and Ace Of Spades before his impromptu tour. Chris, who allegedly fought Drizzy at Club W.i.P in NYC last year, is seemingly still holding onto the dormant beef.

“After getting pulled off the stage around 2 a.m., Brown proceeded to pull his orange hoodie up over his head and walked out to the song “Harlem Shake,” the eyewitness noted. He was surrounded by an entourage that included several ladies.”

Coincidentally, Drake released the heated track “5AM In Toronto” this morning, which could be referencing the same beef!


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