The suspect in the grisly hit-and-run that took the lives of a Hasidic couple and their baby should have been behind bars. At least that is the opinion of the woman who used to date his first victim, Kelvin Martin, known in hip-hop circles as the original “50 Cent.”

A woman named Precious told The New York Daily news that 44-year-old Julio Acevedo killed her daughter’s father Kelvin Martin in 1987 but was only convicted of manslaughter.

“He didn’t do enough time,” she said. “If he did the time he should have done, he would still be in jail. He wouldn’t have the opportunity to kill these people (in the crash).”

Acevedo is believed to be the driver of a BMW that plowed into a taxi occupied by a pregnant 21-year-old Raizel Glauber and her husband Nachman Glauber on their way to the hospital to give birth. Tragically, the parents died at the scene and the baby was delivered by c-section, but also died days later.

“I’m going to turn myself in,” Acevedo said in a phone call. “I have to get an attorney ready before I turn myself in.”


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