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In “when keeping it real goes wrong” news, apparently there are about five people on the planet who have never heard the theme song to The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air TV show, and they all live together in  Pennsylvania!

TMZ is reporting that on Thursday at Ambridge H.S., things got real, when a medical receptionist called the voice mail of a student that attends the school and heard him rapping the lyrics to the hit TV show. She mistook the verse ”All Shooting some b-ball outside of the school” for ”Shooting some PEOPLE outside of the school” and chaos ensued!

The receptionist then called the cops in a tizzy and the SWAT team responded to the high school and locked it down! The poor kid was taken into custody until he could prove that all he was doing was rapping lyrics to the TV show on his voice mail not threatening the student body!

Do any of these people own cable? We’re pretty sure that show still comes on about eleventy million times in every time zone in the country. How does anyone over the age of 25 not know that song anyway?

Take a listen to it and you be the judge!

Does it sound threatening to you? Take the poll!


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