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Has Chris Brown and Rihanna’s rekindled romance ended already? Rihanna and Breezy were spotted on Valentine’s Day in The Block Club in Hollywood, but the two reportedly ignored each other and partied at separate tables.

The night before Valentine’s Day, the two kept their distance while they both attended an event at Playhouse nightclub in Los Angeles.

According to Us Weekly, Chris and Rihanna spent the entire evening on opposite sides of the club and never once interacted.

“She refused to sit with or even near him,” says an eyewitness. “When she noticed he was there, she made a huge show of rubbing her presence in his face.”

But Breezy, who clearly loves attention, made sure Rihanna noticed him. After she settled into her spot in the VIP section, “He promptly ordered three more bottles of ace of spades which came out with in a procession of sparklers and scantily clad cocktail waitresses, causing a spectacle, which he clearly wanted Rihanna to see,” an eyewitness also tells the Daily Mail.

We’re curious as to how Rihanna will spend her birthday on February 20. Do you think she’ll be celebrating it with Chris?


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