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If you’ve learned to ignore those emails asking you to claim money in Ghana or increase the size of your manhood, there is another cyber scam you need to be aware of.

According to police in Singapore, a ring of cyber criminals is using women to seduce men on webcams into exposing themselves and/or performing sexual acts so they can be recorded. The men are then notified by a third party that they are on tape and if they want to keep the world checking out their chubby they need to pay up.

“They would commence a webcam conversation with the victims and initiate cybersex by undressing themselves first before persuading the male victims to appear nude or perform sexual acts in front of the webcams,” the Singapore Police Force wrote in a post on its website. ”Unknown to the victims, the suspects had recorded the acts.”

If the message hasn’t quite sunk in to the ChatRoulette addicts out there, authorities produced this “educational” recreation of how the scam is pulled off.

The moral of the story is if you’re going to engage in lewd acts via webcam–wear a mask. You know you have one laying around from that “Harlem Shake” video you made.


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