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Chris Brown and his celebrity attorney are ready to tell their side of the story in the alleged fight Breezy had with singer Frank Ocean.

Brown’s attorney Mark Geragos has contacted detectives investigating the case to set up a meeting for them to have a conversation with Chris Brown. According to sources, Geragos and his team have already procured the surveillance video from the studio which caught the last few minutes of the altercation. That video shows Brown not putting the paws on anyone. The problem is the video also shows Frank Ocean not throwing any punches and that their two entourages got into the brawl.

While the video does help Chris’ defense, it doesn’t fully get him off the hook. As we said before, the video only caught the last few minutes of the altercation. There weren’t any cameras in the spot where the fight began. Brown’s version of events is the complete opposite of an account one witness gave to the police. They claimed Breezy was the first one to throw a punch.

Then there’s also the fact Chris Brown fled the scene before cops could arrive. His lawyer says there’s a good explanation for that. Geragos gave Chris Brown the strictest instructions to leave immediately if he ever felt there was some trouble possibly about to go down anywhere near him.

Keep it locked because this story can only get worse before it gets better. Who do you think is at fault in this fight?

This video popped up on Youtube, but its unknown if this is the evidence to which Chris’ lawyer is referring?



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