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Although he hasn’t made a mortgage payment since 2011, Jermaine Dupri saved his mansion from being foreclosed upon for the second time in a mere four months.

Originally, Dupri’s Atlanta abode was close to auction because he was accused of neglecting to pay $193,404 in mortgage payments. Before the state could sell his house, Dupri got a judge to halt the auction on the grounds that the bill was inaccurate. However, once Jermaine Dupri fell back into the routine of not paying his mortgage, a new auction date was set for January 2nd.

Janet Jackson’s former beau filed an emergency injunction claiming the mortgage company has yet to prove he owes the amount of money they say he does. The mortgage company adamantly claims Dupri owes about $410,000 on the house. Jermaine says the amount is closer to $111,845.

The judge agreed with Dupri and stopped the auction. A hearing on the matter hasn’t been set as of yet.



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