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New American Idol judges Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey want everybody to know that they’ve kissed and made up.

If you recall, Nicki and Mariah got into a verbal spat last October while on the American Idol set, and it was all caught on camera. The two were on hand for an American Idol press conference and when asked by a reporter, they explained how they settled their differences.

“I put on my sex tape,” Minaj joked. Rumors that Nicki has a sex tape have been circulating for at least two years now.

“And there it is,” Carey said. “The whole thing is convoluted. It’s a distraction from the show and a distraction from the contestants.”

“Every time we try to talk about the contestants, we have to field questions about [this],” Minaj complained.

“Time heals all wounds,” Carey explained, to which Minaj added, “And we watched my tape . . . We’re professionals. Have you ever had an argument with someone you work with?”

Nicki added that she’s always been a huge fan of Mariah’s.

“I say nice things about Mariah all the time,” she said. “I tell Mariah all the time how much of a fan I am of her. She’s one of my favorite artists of all time … She’s shaped a generation of singers. It’s kind of crazy to be on a panel with her … I feel excited to see [the contestants] see someone they look up to so much … [and] hear her critique.”

The season premiere of American Idol will air on Fox on January 16th.

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