Strawberry Letter: Marriage vs. Affair

Hello Shirley and Steve,

I have been married for 38 years. The first 10 years were happy years. I found out that my husband was on drugs, but I still loved him and convinced him to go to rehab. He did go, but rehab did not work for him because he did not want to change. Years later, he had a stroke, which I believe stemmed from drug use. He recovered without severe damage. I still live with my husband, but do not love him anymore. I stopped loving him years ago. One year ago, I met this man and I am still seeing him. He does know that I am married and he not. I really like this man. The problem is, I found out that he is on drugs, too. When I found out, I thought maybe I could help him, since I had some experience on this illness with my husband. I know he has to want it for himself. My problem is that I just do not want to let go. .

Please help.

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