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(CNN) — Major crime investigators from the Connecticut state police on Saturday were combing “every crack and crevice” of Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, a day after a gunman shot dead 20 students and six adults before apparently killing himself.

Authorities have now identified all of those killed in Friday’s tragedy, but they are not releasing a formal list of names and birthdates until the state medical examiner has completed his work, said Lt. J. Paul Vance, a state police spokesman.

The investigators are looking inside and outside the school building and at every car in the parking lot, in what Vance called a “long and painstaking process” that will not be completed for at least another day or two.

Law enforcement officials identified the shooter as 20-year-old Adam Lanza, who grew up in the tight-knit community of 27,000. Police say Lanza killed his mother, Nancy, at her Newtown home before going to the school, where he primarily targeted two classrooms of kindergartners and first-graders.

Lanza’s motive was unclear Saturday, though Vance said detectives are collecting some “very good evidence” at both the school and his mother’s house. He would not say what the evidence includes.

“The detectives will certainly analyze everything and put a complete picture together of the evidence that they did obtain, and we’re hopeful — we’re hopeful — that it will paint a complete picture as to how and why this entire unfortunate incidence occurred,” Vance told a packed crowd of journalists at a Saturday morning news conference.

Lanza forced his way into the school, Vance revealed Saturday, though he wouldn’t say how or whether Lanza used weapons to do it.

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