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Even though Barack Obama decisively won re-election last week, there have been a few, let’s just say, “disgruntled” voters that have done some pretty outlandish things to protest our President’s second term in office. Here, NewsOne spotlights 10 Republican meltdowns that had us scratching shaking our heads.

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1) Albert Peterson (pictured), a wealthy Washington, D.C., defense contractor, couldn’t even wait for the elections to take place. In fact, he was so distraught over the prospect of Obama possibly winning his presidential bid that he shot and killed his wife, Kathleen (pictured); two young sons, Christopher, 13, and Matthew, 16; then took his own life. Peterson was obsessed about politics and would send daily e-mails to friends and family about its climate. In addition to losing a dear uncle, the 48-year-old man was reportedly driven in to depression at the thought of Obama winning a second term. Ironically, both his father and an uncle committed suicide in past years, with Peterson making an unsuccessful attempt at taking his own life five years ago. Friends and family concur that Obama’s potential win pushed Peterson over an edge that he had been  teetering from for quite a while.

Watch the Peterson murders here:

2) Holly Solomon (pictured) was so incensed that Obama was, yet again, elected president that she took out her ire on her poor husband, Daniel.  Since her husband failed to vote, Holly blamed him for what she thought was a calamitous result, Obama’s re-election.  So instead of balling Daniel out, Holly ran and did the next best thing: try to run him over with her Jeep!  The 28-year-old woman believed that her family would continue to suffer hardship due to Obama’s policies, spurring her to chase her husband around a retail store parking lot.  When the miffed wife finally did plow Daniel down, the end result for him was a fractured pelvis, torn artery, and possible permanent disfigurement.  Solomon was arrested and charged with domestic violence and aggravated assault.

3) Donald Trump (pictured) certainly showed the world how really juvenile he can be, when he went on a Twitter tirade upon learning that Obama would occupy the Oval Office again.  The sore billionaire loser with the offensive comb over incessantly whined about how the election was a “total sham and a travesty…. We are not a democracy!”  But do you think “The Don” hung out with failed GOP presidential contender Mitt Romney and his crew after the election?  NOT!  Supposedly, “Trump does not like to be associated with failure.”  Well, karma is a be-atch and now Obama’s controversial critic is getting his just desserts!  There is a petition through the site that urges Macy‘s to dump Trump and his branded goods from their advertisements and stores. Thus far, more than 607,000 people have signed the petition, with the million mark being not that far away.  The petition,  which was organized by attorney Angelo Carusone, has been signed by such A-listers, such as the singer/actress Cher, who grew tired of Trump’s political bellyaching and racism against the president.  “Where’s my pen!”

4) Eric Dondero (pictured), a well-known political blogger at the Libertarian Republican has vowed to banish all of the Democrats he knows in his life, including family members.  The day after the Obama won, the conservative wrote:

Starting early this morning, I am going to un-friend every single individual on Facebook who voted for Obama, or I even suspect may have Democrat leanings. I will do the same in person. All family and friends, even close family and friends, who I know to be Democrats are hereby dead to me. I vow never to speak to them again for the rest of my life, or have any communications with them. They are in short, the enemies of liberty. They deserve nothing less than hatred and utter contempt.” 

Wow, talk about sore LOSERS!!!

5) Henry Hamilton, 64, was sickened by the election results after learning that President Obama would reign over these United States again.  The Florida tanning salon owner allegedly took his own life after telling his partner two days post-election that he would not live to see Obama win a second term. When authorities found Hamilton’s body, they stumbled upon two empty prescription pill bottles, along with a copy of his will and the cryptic words “F**k Obama!”

6) A few conservative CEOs across the country lost their ever-loving minds upon learning that a U-Haul truck would NOT be pulling up to the White House!  The day after the elections, Robert Murray, CEO of the coal company Murray Energy, actually read a “prayer for America” to his employees and then layed off 150 of them across three company locations when his candidate Mitt Romney lost his presidential bid. The layoff notices blamed Obama’s “war on coal” for the job cuts. Meanwhile, Papa John’s pizza CEO John Schnatter (pictured), a staunch Republican, announced that franchise owners will likely have to cut hours for employees in order to pay for the president’s health care law, Obamacare.  He also stated that some of the cost will be passed on to consumers as well with prices going up between 11 and 14 cents. Finally, Zane Tankel, a New York-based Applebee’s franchisee, said he would halt plans to expand his 40-restaurant empire and put a freeze on hiring because the health care law would cost him too much.

Watch the companies laying off because of racism Obama’s re-election here:

7) Election Day eve got pretty ugly at the University of Mississippi, when hundreds of students gathered the school’s campus to riot after the race was called for Obama.  There were plenty of racial slurs hurled about the President and African Americans in general. Additionally, Obama signs were burned to the ground. Police eventually broke up the mob scene, which lasted until the wee hours of Wednesday morning.

8) A McDonalds in Follansbee, West Virginia, stirred up quite a bit of controversy when the American flag was hoisted up the pole upside down the day after presidential elections. Many onlookers who were up in arms surmised that the McDonald’s owner, Karen Mezan, was protesting her displeasure at the re-election of President Barack Obama. When calls about the irreverant protest flooded the City Manager’s office, the flag was taken down.  The owner says that the flag incident was a misunderstanding that was “ill timed” and an “unfortunate mistake.” BTW, West Virginia was one of the states that went solidly for the Republican presidential Candidate Mitt Romney! ‘Nough said!

Watch news coverage of this McDonalds’s here:

9) Anti-Obama Republicans in Texas last week tried to incite a civil war, post-election, demanding that their state splinter-off from the rest of the country and the “maggots” who helped secure a second term for President Obama. Meanwhile, semi-anonymous petitions began circulating online for dozens of states to be allowed to secede. The Supreme Court has ruled that secession is only allowed if a revolution occurs or there is approval from three-fourths of the states. With the petitions having only a tiny percentage of residents signing so far, 20 states have posted petitions to have their states secede, and since the President won re-election, another 30 states have joined in. You can find the secessionists on the White House’s “We the People” website, which was started last year to encourage government openness.  The White House must respond to a secession request if a state submits more than 25,000 signatures in 30 days.  Alabama, Tennessee, Texas, Florida, Louisiana, and North Carolina have reached those thresholds. Oy Vey!

10) Mouth almighty and all-around baffoon Rush Limbaugh pointed his skeevy little finger of shame at the women in this country for putting Obama back in office.  The man who typically spazzes out with misogynistic rants spewed yet another vulgar one regarding Obama’s win. The obnoxious GOP mouthpiece said on his radio show that he blames the gender gap for the president’s victory and women for falling in to Obama’s trap, “He treats them like vaginas and they say he’s my man.”  There is just ONE word to describe Limbaugh: idiot!

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