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Talk about taking illegal border smuggling to the next level!

Border guards in Spain caught a Guinean man (pictured above) hiding inside the passenger car seat of a Renault while attempting to illegally enter the country on Friday, The Sun reports.

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The daring illegal entry was attempted by two Moroccans as they crossed the border from Morocco via Melilla, a North African enclave in southern Spain. One man was driving while the other sat in seat hiding the 20-year-old Guinean.

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They men almost got away with their creative smuggling ploy, until a guard stopped the car and took a closer look. He reportedly prodded the seat and discovered that a live person was hiding in the shell of the seat.

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According to the Daily Mail, the Guinean was expelled from the enclave after appearing before a judge. The two Moroccans, aged 21 and 23, have been arrested and will appearing before a judge later this week on smuggling charges.

A police spokesperson, who called the attempt “novel,” said that “we’ve seen some fairly bizarre attempts to get across the border but nothing like this before.”

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