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You’d have to be comatose not to laugh at Jon Stewart‘s “The Daily Show” Tuesday night. Headlined “Democalypse 2012 – We Missed NLCS Game 7 for This,” Stewart underscored Republican nominee Mitt Romney‘s curious penchant for flip-flopping and concluded that the former Governor of Massachusetts ended the night giving a literal pound to the President’s foreign policy.

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Getting right to the point, Stewart began his popular show by showing Republicans slamming the President’s foreign policy across the board, with Stewart proclaiming after the clip that according to Republicans, “Obama is weaker than “President Flinchington J. Crapinhispants”!

Stewart then naturally surmises that the final debate between the two would end in a virtual “bloodbath.”

But obviously, that’s not what happens.

On debate night, Romney manages to confuse both Republicans and Democrats alike by fundamentally agreeing with almost all of the President’s main points, spurring Stewart to call the debate “a tour of Bizzaroland,” with Stewart lamenting, “What the hell is wrong with Romney?!!”

Next comes the clips of Romney emphatically flip flopping on key foreign policy points.

On Iraq, Romney said back in 2008, “It was a right decision to go in to Iraq. I supported it then and I support it now.”

On debate night, though, Romney said, “We don’t want another Iraq; we don’t want another Afghanistan. That is not the right course for us.”

On Iran, Romney made no bones about his willingness to go to war, saying in an earlier speech:

“This is a president who should have instead communicated to Iran that we are prepared, that we are considering military options.There are not just on the table, they are in our hand.”

Of course on debate night, though, Romney morphed into a peacemaker:

“It’s also essential for us to understand what our mission is in Iran and that is to dissuade Iran from having a nuclear weapon through peaceful and diplomatic means…I want to see peace.”

Dead stare.

Strangely, Romney’s new and improved positions are none other than key cornerstones of the President’s foreign philosophy.

Not mincing words, Stewart then shows a clip of Romney driving home the point that “America must lead,” adding in his closing arguments, “I’d like to lead.” In reaction, Stewart declared sarcastically, “Follow me! I’ll be right behind the President!”

Watch Stewart’s clever debate roundup here:

As the media continues to characterize the impending election as “tight” and “neck and neck,” I really wonder if Americans are paying attention to Romney and his disgraceful antics. If they are, then here’s an idea: racism in this country must be so deep and all-consuming that some still willingly choose to support a candidate that looks to insult our collective intelligence at every turn.

We’ve all heard of the adage of “being in it to win it,” but when a candidate displays such a blatant disregard for integrity and still reportedly maintains a very real opportunity to win on November 6, it is shameful testament to how biased some are in this nation.

I remember watching First Lady Michelle Obama‘s response to a reporter who asked what would happen if the President lost the election. At the time, she replied that while her and her family will be OK no matter what happens, the same can’t be said of the American people.

She is absolutely right.

On Election Day, we will be the ones to determine who will lead this country, and if the majority do decide that Romney the Liar should prevail, that will be an unfortunate reality for us indeed.

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