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If you were trying to decide who to date between two men that both looked good on paper, how would you pick? If they both were educated, ambitious, and had great jobs, what would you base your decision on? The answer is actually easy – just watch their actions because they sure speak a hell of a lot louder than words. If one guy supported equal rights for women, and the other flip-flopped all over the place, who would you choose?

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 There’s literally less than two weeks to Election Day 2012.

After all the debates, campaigning, TV ads, and punditry, the American people will hit the polls to choose our next leader. And for women – who will likely decide the outcome – this election couldn’t be more important. You don’t have to take my word for it: Just stop and look at some of the things that conservatives have been suggesting and then take a look at what President Obama has already done.

This week, Indiana Tea Party Senate candidate Richard Mourdock became the latest man to feel the need to open his mouth on abortion, rape, and women’s rights.   When talking about pregnancies that result from rape, Mourdock actually said that women should have the children because it was, after all, something that God intended to happen.

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While Mitt Romney says he doesn’t agree with Mourdock’s outrageous statements, he hasn’t distanced himself from him. And to make matters worse, Mitt’s ad supporting Mourdock for Senate is still in rotation. Maybe someone should ask Mitt if he doesn’t agree with Mourdock’s insane comments on rape, why in the world hasn’t he taken down those support ads?

Who is the real Mitt?

During this election cycle, we’ve witnessed one unbelievable remark after another when it comes to women, our bodies, and our right to choose. Not long ago, Missouri Republican Rep. Todd Akin took time to explain what ‘legitimate rape’ was – as if there’s such a thing as ‘illegitimate rape.’   He went on to tell us all that a woman couldn’t get pregnant from a rape because her body releases certain hormones during rape to prevent pregnancy.

WTH! A comment like that is so beyond insane and I hope that we never forget it just because the media is not talking about it today.

Whether it’s Akin’s uneducated statements or Mourdock’s backward thinking or conservative leaders that are OK with “vaginal probes” before allowing women to abort a fetus, the conservative right has a severe problem with women.

 Compare that with President Obama who not only speaks for the equality of women, but backs it up with action.

The very first bill that he signed as President was the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which helps women fight for equal pay. His health care reform plan makes sure that women can access contraception and stops insurance companies from charging women more than men for the same coverage. President Obama also established the Council on Women and Girls, led by his senior adviser Valerie Jarrett. And the list goes on and on.

The choice on Election Day is most definitely in our hands.

You don’t need to take my word for it — or anybody else’s. Just do yourself a favor, and do the research: Look at not only what the candidates say, but what they have done, and who they surround themselves with. If we can be picky with the men we date, there’s no reason we should settle for mediocre when it comes to who we want leading the country.

Ladies, whether we are single or not, women’s issues are family issues, and we should never forget that. My blog last week focused on single women with children, and while we may have differences over how or why women have kids on their own, we should remember that our President’s job is to protect everyone – not just those society approves of.   All of us should have a President that respects us, our decisions, listens to our voices and fights on behalf of men and women.   The choice is yours.   I certainly have made mine.

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