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Subject: Can’t Let Go Of My Past

Dear Steve and Shirley,

I have been divorced for almost 10 years, and I’m still in love with my ex-husband. He has re-married and has a family with his current wife however. I still keep in contact with my ex in-laws and I am always around. He cheated on me with her and got her pregnant and then he married her. Now here’s the problem, his family doesn’t get along with his wife and she doesn’t come around. I have talked to him on several occasion and have told him several times that if he wanted to come home the door is always open. He said that he doesn’t want to leave her or his kids and that he is only with her because of the kids. A few years ago they separated but he went back to her. I have tried to move on but apart of me is still waiting for him to leave his wife and come back home to me. He has cut off all communications with me about a year ago. I still talk to his family and they say he is happy. I honestly don’t think that he is. What do I do? How can I let go because I truly believe he is the love of my life and she is standing in the way of us being together again. Can’t Let go of my past.

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