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Strawberry Letter: Hostage In My Marriage

Dear Steve and Shirley,

I feel like a hostage in my marriage. I do not want to stay in my marriage but my husband does. He is a very insecure man and the insecurity has hurt our marriage. He also tries to be controlling. Steve you once said an insecure man is scared that someone bigger and better is going to come along and that is exactly my husband. I feel so suffocated and I want to be free. What he does not realize is that insecurity chips away at the foundation of a relationship and destroys intimacy. I am really unhappy and miserable. The house is my house and in my name and he will not move out. He thinks he has to be in the home to be a good father. I am trying to be fair but I have to think about my happiness also. Don’t I deserve to be happy? He really needs to let go and move on. What do I do? How do I get him out of my house?

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