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Rihanna is partying way too hard these days. The singer who partied her way throughout the summer on a yacht was seen getting sloppy with it at 1 OAK in Las Vegas with Ne-Yo. Sources who were at the nightclub reveal RiRi was so out of it that she began to VOMIT while she danced!

The source reveals:

“She threw up in a napkin. The guy with her handed her a white towel to clean up.”

But there’s more…According to MTO, the goose got her so loose, she started poppin’ off on a dude and had to be restrained by her security!!

You would think that she would call it a night after all that drama, home girl kept on partying until 5:30AM at the club and capped off the night at a strip club.

This chica needs a serious intervention!


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