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Subject: Call It Quits, Or Give It A Chance

Good Morning Steve and Shirley,

After being with my husband for 23 yrs., I found out that he was cheating with a woman that he worked with for 3 of those years. He told me that he ended the relationship, however his behavior didn’t change. So I met someone and tried to have a relationship with him. I was only doing this so that my husband could see what it felt like, but found that I was not attracted to the person and that I was never going to be able to take it to the physical level and so I let him go. But not before I let my husband find out. He started stalking me, checking my phone and calling to make sure I was where I said I would be. Well we separated for a year and during this year he has expressed how sorry he was and how he was going to make this work. I still love him and still can’t bring myself to have a relationship outside of my marriage, however I have learned to live by myself. Do you believe a person can change or should I just call it quits and move on alone?

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