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Strawberry Letter: Living In A House of Horror

Dear Steve and Shirley,

I have been married for 11 years now. We got married very young…. I was 18 years old, he was 22 years old. We were married without anyone knowing… well I didn’t want to tell my parents yet. Since we been married….. It has been problems. My husband became very insecure, he walked me to classes on the college campus, he didn’t want me to have friends, or be around my family. He always picked things about my friends and family to run them off. He had to be with me 24-7. He had to drop me off at all my destinations, he don’t work, because he is a disabled veteran, he bring in a nice amount of money monthly. I didn’t work, the first 5 years of our marriage, I just went to school full-time. I didn’t have a social life, everything I said he found things to argue about, it was horrible. All of the sudden it just stopped. He started hanging out at night, lying saying he joined a masonry group and he was attending to the classes. He didn’t return home until about 2 in the morning, he came up with a real nice story, i didn’t think he was up to anything because he played a role of being an honest husband and not doing anything. It because an every weekend thing, he lied and told me he reunited with his friend from the military,a nd all of a sudden they started running around. I never met him at all. That seemed really odd. I was always at home, i later got me a job, he was always hanging at my job, two or three times a day, he was a pest. One day I something just told me to search his phone record on sprint, he was talking to over 30 women, he was going to clubs and hanging out the whole time, while I was at home, but he didn’t want me hanging out. Once I found out he was cheating, it got worse over the years, finding phone numbers, miscellaneous phones, spoke with numerous women about him having crazy sex with them, stalking them. He was playing mind games with me and tried to intimidate me as well, trying to keep me in this box, trying to control me. I found out I was diagnosed with Genital Herpes…. He didn’t seem upset when he found out about it, like he knew he passed it to me. I tried speaking with his family about it (worst mistake, they looked like, damn you just finding out) They would mock me and laugh at me, people around town. He laughed in my face. I am mad at myself for allowing myself to go through that. I am married to him till this day, i don’t know how to get out, I need help. He never put his hands on me, but he as abused me mentally, emotionally. he is a bully. I think he is a psychopath, he is a compulsive liar. He is very disrespectful. His brother is a drunk, he lives with us…. he don;’t pay bills, my husband lets hi rampage the house, his brother is also disrespectful, he tells me, that is not my house, this is his brother house. Her sister is needy and always needs something, she is s user. I am suppose to be understanding and compromise with his family, but stay stern with mine. He is a low down bastard. He would lie and say he paid a bill and he didn’t he would go spend the money. I need help…Will this ever stop, is it worth saving… this marriage Steve?

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