Hey, if the king of “Everything Madea” wants to take some time off, we say shut up and let ‘em!

The man has worked hard, and in a letter to some of us ‘insiders,’ (Ok, those of us who went to the TP website) Tyler Perry explains why now has got to be the time for a little vacay…from the stage, that is

“I don’t know if you remember this or not, but around 2005 I took off from touring my Madea plays for about 5 years. During that time, I was working mostly on movies and TV shows. Well, as much as I love to be out on stage and doing a live Madea show, the time has come again for me to take a long break from the stage. I have some major projects that I’m working on that will require a lot of my time and effort. Just know that I did not want to stop this tour until I had hit as many cities as possible. So I’m going to finish out this Fall leg of the tour and then take a long break.”

OK Mr. Perry, we understand (sniff. sniff.) You gotta do whatchu gotta do.

“Madea Gets a Job” will start the last leg of the tour on September 20th and end just before Thanksgiving 2012.

He continues,

“It was also very important to me that the ticket price start at $25. If you have never seen me live, you have never seen me at all. I’m telling you, ask anyone who has and they will tell you. Come out and see me and bring your family. This show will have you rocking and rolling and laughing and crying and singing all the way back home. You’ll see!”

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