The cocaine trafficking trial of hip-hop music industry exec James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond has begun in a Brooklyn, NY court room.

Jimmy Henchman made his name in the music business by managing the careers of artists such as Brandy, The Game, Akon, Sean Kingston and ’90s R&B duo Groove Theory. Now, he is on trial for allegedly running a 10 million dollar cocaine operation. Part of his supposed operation was trafficking coke from Los Angeles to New York regularly in cases that were supposedly carrying music equipment.

The prosecution maintains Jimmy Henchman used FedEX and other shipping methods to transport drugs from the west coast to the east. When the product made it to New York, the prosecution alleges Henchman distributed coke throughout New York City and the outer boroughs. They claim he ran the drug operation from 2007 up until 2011.

Once it was the defense’s turn to present their opening arguments, they went after the prosecution’s witnesses. They called into question the credibility of every witness the prosecution has lined up to take the stand.

“I’m going to make a bold statement. The prosecution’s case against Jimmy Rosemond can’t be trusted,” Henchman’s attorney Gerald Shargel said to the jury. “The witnesses they are relying on want to be paid with the price of freedom. These witnesses have an eloquent history of lying. I don’t mean simply insignificant lies, I mean lies that hit to the heart of this case.”

The people called to testify against Henchman are facing time themselves which doesn’t sit well with the defense.

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